Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Last White-tailed Eagle Watch of 2015

29th December 2015

I had an eagle watch at Loch Leven just before the end of the year. When I arrived Turquoise H was no where to be seen, but within minutes she appeared landing in one of her favourite trees.  Perfect timing!

She stayed there, swaying in the wind, for a good half an hour, before taking flight - at which point I had my digital camera hovering over the eyepiece of my scope, and managed a quick digiscope photo of her as she took off. Not the best quality image, but nice for my records!  I also spotted her on 31st December, a nice way to end 2015.

'Turquoise H' takes flight (digiscoped x100)
Before Christmas, I caught up with more of the 'Turquoise' clan, 1 and Z.  This is '1' perched atop a conifer. She hunkered down whilst streamlining herself into the strong wind.  She eventually took off and disappeared, before reappearing and soaring for a while, her white tail shining brightly in the sunlight.

'Turquoise 1' (digiscoped x38)
Perched atop a conifer
Resting after flight
Sunlit eye, yellow beak
Talons holding tight
Then you go 
Your great dark wings
Outstretched soar with ease
The sun picks out
Your bright white tail
A beacon on the breeze.

Her mate, Z, also put in an appearance, giving a good fly past - always an exciting moment when they come to you!

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