Monday, 14 December 2015

Short-eared Owls, Loch Leven

2nd December 2015

I watched three Short-eared Owls patrolling Kirkgate Point at Loch Leven from 2.30pm until 3pm, when the sun disappeared and the temperature dropped.

Stunning aerial displays by the Owls. A couple would interact mid-air, and another was busy dive-bombing a Kestrel, who would fly up to try and see it off.

Here's a few photos I captured:

Sitting in the grass (digiscoped) 
Perching in the afternoon sun (digiscoped)

The perfect photo! I was willing them to fly above the castle

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waldlaeufer68 said...

Hi Karen, beautiful shots of the owl, where she sits on the tree is particularly beautiful
you and your love merry Christmas and a great New Year
greetings Frank

isa said...

simple , wild , beautiful and awesome

Dian said...

The owl is mysterious is also very amazing . They are a symbol that has a very strong meaning