Friday, 15 May 2015

Gullane and North Berwick - 5th April 2015

Photos taken on 5th April - it's taken me this long to look at the photos!

A warm day and plenty of sunshine once the early fog cleared, and the bonus of a couple of exciting sightings: Red and Black-throated Divers.


Carrion Crows on Gullane Beach
Perfect timing!
Carrion Crows, with Gannets above their heads as they fly in the distance
Red-throated Diver in winter plumage
Roe Deer bounces away over the dunes, its rump like two white pom poms!
Female Chaffinch
North Berwick:

Black-throated Diver off the North Berwick coast
The lighthouse on the island of Fidra 
Bass Rock, turned white by its Gannet inhabitants
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