Thursday, 2 October 2014

Loch Leven, Kinross-shire - 2nd Oct

Photos from this morning's walk at Loch Leven.  A cool morning, with blue sky, calm before the storm if tomorrow's forecast is anything to go by!

The Pink-footed Geese have returned!
Panorama of the Loch
Ripples on the surface
Looking across to Bishops Hill - a mass of wildfowl on the water
View to the Ochil Hills
Mallard, Tufted Ducks
Geese galore

Family of Whooper Swans over the Loch 
Mute Swan 
View to Bishop Hill
Black-headed Gull
Video of the Geese

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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Balnakeil Bay and Faraid Head, Sutherland

30th June 2014

One of the most stunning walks we did during our holiday to the far north west was on Fariad Head. The walk crosses the pale sands of Balnakeil Bay, onto a surreal sand road through vast white dunes, before suddenly arriving back on tarmac surrounded by grassland, and to the perimeter of the MOD facility!

It was a very warm day, and it felt like we were walking through a desert at times.

The rock outcrops were home to nesting Guillemots, Razorbills, Kittewakes, and Puffins.  I also saw Puffins darting out from the cliff face, whirring low over the water on their tiny wings.

Returning along Balnakeil Bay, I spotted a Red Throated Diver not too far from the shore.

Corbie Labrador enjoying the beach, Balnakeil Bay 
Balnakeil Bay, the sand just keeps going!
Walking along the sand road and through the dunes
Balnakeil Bay
Cliffs of Faraid Head
View back towards the hills and Durness
Sea cliffs and dunes, Faraid Head, with view across the water to Whiten Head
© Karen Hartnell - all images and text may not be reproduced in any way.