Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Artwork: White-tailed Eagles

Over the last month I've been one of the volunteers helping to keep watch over a pair of White-tailed Eagles.

This opportunity has given me a fantastic insight into their behaviour, and I've seen them doing a few things for the first time!

I was on my own in the hide during one of my shifts, and at the time there was not a lot happening, so I decided to work on a sketch.  Due to the excitement of seeing the male, I put the sketch to one side to watch him and any other possible action, and never got back to it 'in the field', so the rest was finished at home.

The male is perched on the branch to the left, a pose he had done on a previous occasion which I incorporated into this drawing, and the female is just visible above the foliage.

White-tailed Eagles
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