Thursday, 24 April 2014

Robin Fledglings

Over the last few days I was sure the Robin pair had a family.  I could hear the noise of chicks coming from the undergrowth.  The parents were to and fro from the bird table, taking bits of fat ball away in their beaks.

Yesterday evening I was watching a rather bedraggled looking adult feeding and it went into the trees, and then I saw it's youngster on the fence, getting a feed.  The next thing, the youngster flew down onto the top of the boiler housing (I use this as a large bird table), and chirped there for a while.

This morning I could hear the young again, and spotted a couple at the bottom of the garden.

Last year it was the end of May when I first spotted one of their young, so they were much earlier this year.

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Frank said...

Better weather conditions and many species appear to be breeding much earlier this year.