Thursday, 17 April 2014


This morning I was reading several reports of people seeing Blackcaps around, and thought to myself how I've never seen one.

I was just eating my lunch in the garden, watching and listening to the garden birds and decided to get out the camera.  I saw what I thought was one of the Robins in the tree, it had its back to me at the time, so I took a photo, and as I did so I thought it's head looked a reddish brown but it's breast wasn't coloured.  Luckily my binoculars were within reach and I then realised what I was seeing was in fact a female Blackcap!  A male Chaffinch then promptly chased it off.

Female Blackcap
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Frank said...

Karen, that's a very nice garden tick. Keep your eyes peeled .. the males won't be far away.