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Isle of Mull - Day Two: Time to Explore

Sunday, 2nd March

Day Two started dry, with rain forecast for later in the day.  Great view from the house across to Staffa, Treshnish Isles and Iona.  A friendly Robin was waiting by the front door and I felt guilty as I didn't have any bird food - I later improvised with some porridge oats!

First stop of the day, Loch Scridain, with potential for White-tailed Eagles (namely, Fingal and Iona). The eagles never showed themselves, but I had good sightings of Buzzards, Grey Herons and Oystercatchers.  There was also a flock of sheep who thought I must've been there to feed them, running across the field from all directions towards me as I started to walk along the road and then following me alongside the fence!

Pair of Buzzards
No, sheep, I'm not here to feed you!
Shower passing along Loch Scridain 
Loch Sridain
Grey Heron
Hoodie having a preen
Next stop was a walk to MacKinnon's Cave.  Timed perfectly with the receding tide, we started our walk near Balmeanach Farm along the well-signposted track, which grew ever muddier until I almost lost a boot. After attempting to lightly hop from one tuft of grass to another to avoid the thick mud churned up by countless cattle hooves, we finally made it onto more solid ground and down to the shore.  I spotted a pair of Buzzards who took off from the rocks and soared above for a while.
View to Inch Kenneth and Ulva beyond 
Gribun cliffs, with the cottage in view to the right
Rocky shoreline
View along the cliffs
Grey Heron
Unfortunately, we never made it to the cave. The boulders increased in size along the shore and our walking book mentioning a faint path on the grass above that we couldn't see, so we decided to cut our losses and head back. Images of a Labrador, or even worse myself, wedged between two boulders sprang to mind if we had continued!  So, with a weather front fast approaching, we retreated back to the car. I spotted a flock of Redwings near the farm.
One Labrador, thankfully, not wedged between boulders!
Next we drove round to the head of Loch na Keal. The local White-tailed Eagles were not around, but lovely views of Great Northern Divers in their winter plumage swimming close to the shore. I spotted three.

Great Northern Diver
The rest of the day was spent indoors, watching the passing showers creating colourful rainbows.

Rainbow over Loch na Keal
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