Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Isle of Mull - Day One: The Journey

Saturday, 1st March

Day One, and I began my journey to the Isle of Mull, a place I had be longing to spend more time after an overnight camping visit in June 2012. I was really looking forward to having a week on the island to explore and watch the wildlife.

After a good drive from home on quiet roads, we caught the Oban ferry to Craignure, all on time and not very busy.  It was also my Labrador's first 'big boat' experience and he was a star, enjoying the attention he was getting from people as they walked past - although he didn't like the steep stairs very much that led from the car deck (and neither did I when he spotted a dog in front of him...)!

Our ferry awaits
Corbie, the one time he wasn't rolling on the floor or getting a fuss made of him!
Bye, bye mainland
I ventured out onto the deck and did some scanning with the binoculars to see if anything was about, getting more excited as Mull drew closer.

Passing Duart Castle on Mull

Unfortunately the weather was a bit dreich, and it started to rain as we neared port. This turned into a torrential downpour as we negotiated the narrow roads along Loch na Keal to arrive at our holiday destination. Beforehand, I had spotted a Red Deer Stag near the road as we drove through Knock.

While my other half got drenched unloading the car, I tried to restrain the patio doors from flying back to the mainland on the increasingly strong wind. Being frequent visitors to the Isle of Skye, we were used to such forces of nature on our holidays!

We had safely arrived, that was the main thing, so to let the holiday commence!

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