Tuesday, 8 October 2013

White-tailed Eagle Sighting

A very exciting walk this morning spotting a White-tailed Eagle!

It was one of the east Scotland youngsters released in 2011, as identified by the red wing tags.  The aerial transmitter on its back was also clearly visible.  It must have been sitting in a nearby tree, and took off as we neared (we being me and dogs).  It flew towards me, then along the tree line, clearly in view in the binoculars and I was desperately trying to read the wing tag letter.  It looked like 'T' as it flicked up.  RedT has been in the area.

The eagle then rested on the hillside opposite the track, mobbed just a couple of times by two ravens before they disappeared.  I watched it for several minutes, frustrated that I couldn't make out the white letter on it's wing tag to know for sure who I was looking at.  I had watched some of the 'Reds' a few months after they had been released, back in October and November 2011 - see previous blog posts here from 1st Nov 2011 and here from Oct 2011 - so it was fantastic to get such a good view of one of them again after a couple of years. The tag looked like an 'E', then 'P' as well as 'T' so no idea if it was actually one of those individuals or another one, the tear in my eyes didn't help - emotional excitement from seeing one of the Reds or the strong wind?!

A great morning!

Here's a miniature portrait I did recently of RedP

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