Saturday, 16 March 2013

Wildlife Sightings near Lochalsh

Photos of some of the wildlife I saw during my week in Lochalsh.  See this post for my White-tailed Eagle photos from the week.

Great Northern Divers, Loch Hourn
Red Deer Stags laying down on the hillside
Feral Goats, near Falls of Glomach
Herring Gulls
Black-Backed Gulls at Kylerhea Narrows.
Grey Seal, Loch Hourn
Rock Pipit, by Loch Hourn
Buzzard, Sandaig
Common Gull, Sand Bay near Applecross
Redwing, Plockton
Feral Goats, Kintail
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Eilean Donan Castle

A few photos of the famous Eilean Donan Castle.

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A White-Tailed Eagle 1-2-3

I was recently enjoying a week near Kyle of Lochalsh.  I had yet to see any White-Tailed Eagles, although I had spotted a Golden Eagle when on a hill walk a few days previous.

As it was the last day of the holiday, typically wet and windy, I didn't like my chances of seeing an eagle with a white tail!

A change of plan on our walk location due to the weather, saw us drive alongside the loch where we were staying and there above I spotted at last a White-Tailed Eagle.  I made my other half quickly stop in a passing place (I know, but it was an emergency and and it wasn't a busy road!).  I watched it for a while, soaring with ease into the strong wind and rain, coping much better than me as I battled to keep my binoculars steady as I got soaked.

White-tailed Eagle ahoy!

As if one wasn't enough, I looked up and spotted another!  Unfortunately, we had to leave the passing place and do our short walk - there was a rather impatient Labrador in the back seat!  Anyway, after our walk, about an hour later, I spotted the two eagles still soaring above the loch.  The size difference between male and female was obvious.

Orla and Victor
Watching two eagles soaring together doesn't get much better - or so I thought as they eventually headed back over the loch and, as I watched them through my (finally) dry binoculars, they were joined by another!

Three White-tailed Eagles soaring above the Glenelg-Kylerhea narrows
Three White-Tailed Eagles circling together, just amazing. They were a few miles away, but it was still incredible to watch such large birds together in the sky, their white tails highlighted against the hillside as they turned on the wing.

Of course, it would be the one day we went out of the house without the telephoto lens, so I used my bog-standard, non-dslr, zoom camera to take the photos.  Better than nothing!

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