Monday, 21 January 2013

White-Tailed Eagle Loch Leven - Turquoise H

More sightings of White-Tailed Eagle TurquoiseH at Loch Leven last week.  A pretty good White-Tailed Eagle spotting week for me!


The photo below shows a selection of the coloured wing tags attached to the eagles for identification purposes - the colours used for the following release years were, from left to right: Grey 2012, Yellow 2010, Red 2011, Turquoise 2009. A pair of wing tags has a different number or letter on it for each bird, and they are also fitted with a small radio backpack (shown in photo) so that they can be tracked. White tags were used for 2007, but only legs rings were used in 2008.  If you have any sightings, email as much information as you can about it to

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