Monday, 14 January 2013

First White-Tailed Eagle of 2013

I love walks when you go out and you see something completely unexpected.  Well, today was one of those days.

I took my dog into the local hills for his walk. At the last minute I opted for a change of walking location after driving past where I was originally planning to go and seeing the car parking area full of cars and a snow plough.  I wanted somewhere less 'busy'.  A blessing in disguise, it turns out!

So, I drove to a location further down the road and started our walk up hill.  I turned back to admire the view and spotted a large bird soaring near a group of conifers.  My first thought was of a heron flying up from the river, but I realised that it was a bird of prey. No, it couldn't be, could it?!  I didn't have my binoculars with me - and, yes, I cursed at myself for the omission, I cursed a lot!  I was sure the bird I was seeing was a White-Tailed Eagle.  The large dark frame and those heavy-looking wing beats, a sight I am growing ever more familiar with.   Despite my doubting mind, I was almost sure this was not a buzzard I was seeing.

The bird in question went behind trees for a while and reappeared, flying away towards the hills and also the location of a reservoir.  I could see it soaring in the sky.  I did have my camera, so was snapping away as best I could in the hope that I would capture one image to prove what I was thinking I had seen. Sure enough I got one! It was taken some distance away, so I have cropped it in to make it easier to see. A good, if unexpected, start to the week!

Update 16 Jan: Radio tracking failed to pick up a signal yesterday for my Monday eagle sighting which was a shame, so I don't have an i.d on it yet. I'll keep my eyes peeled whenever I'm in the area, never know if it will appear to me again! Hopefully the ESSE team will get lucky and pick up a tracking signal at some point if it hasn't already moved on.

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Alan Pavey said...

Very nice start, excellent :-)

Karen the Artist said...

Thanks Alan. It was a nice surprise for me! A WTE has also return to nearby Loch Leven, so I will have to try and get over soon to have another eagle watch!