Tuesday, 4 December 2012

White-Tailed Eagle, Isle of Skye

I almost forgot another White-Tailed Eagle I saw a couple of weeks ago, 18th November to be exact.

I was on holiday for the week on the Isle of Skye, one of my favourite places, but still awaited my first White-Tailed Eagle sighting on the island.

I didn't have to wait long. Day 1 and we were on our last walk of the day and I knew there was a pair of Eagles in the area.

I scanned everywhere with the binoculars and thought I could make out the potential eagle shape in a distant tree, half a mile away.  My other half had the camera so I shouted at him to stop and get a photo with the zoom lens.  Sure enough, that confirmed my suspicion - Eagle acquired! My first Skye White-Tailed Eagle and a quadruple of sightings for me this year: west and east coast mainland, Isle of Mull and Isle of Skye!

There were two more potential sightings: one not long after we were driving home from the first, but couldn't stop the car in the layby quickly enough and the binoculars were steamed up, and of course, by the time that was all sorted whatever I had seen was long gone. The second was a dark shape soaring high above a hill late afternoon, and again we were on the road so had to find a layby to stop in and by that time it was gone.  I'm sure it was an eagle but not sure if a Golden or White-Tailed.

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