Tuesday, 18 December 2012

White-Tailed Eagle Watch (again!), Loch Leven

Another eagle watch at Loch Leven on Saturday 15 December, in between showers.  While the boys, White-Tailed Eagles Yellow O (from 2010 release) and Red E (2011 release), still eluded me at the loch, female Turquoise H (2009 release) was on good form yet again.

I spotted her standing on the ice, which had started to melt, and within second she took off and flew into trees on the island.  Unfortunately, she took off so quickly after I had initially spotted her that I hadn't managed to get the correct settings set up on the camera!  I took these photos anyway.

Minutes later, she flew out from the trees low over the loch and out of sight.  I waited, and waited, and eventually she flew back in and sat in the trees for a while.  I managed to get some photos, but it wasn't bright enough to be able to pick her up very well.

You can just make out her turquoise tag (if nothing else!) in the above photo.

Maybe one day the light conditions, weather, eagle and I will all conspire to create The photo!  But that is all the fun of watching wildlife, just never know what will happen.  On the plus side, I have got a lot of artistic research done for a possible painting or two! 

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