Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Loch Leven 12 December

Another visit to Loch Leven, another cold day!

I was lucky again with my Eagle spotting, but only just.  I was about to leave and turned and had one last scan with the binoculars and saw something on the ice that wasn't previously there.  I recognised it at once, the two accompanying crows dwarfed by her presence.  It was Turquoise wing tagged eagle H, the 2009 female I saw the other day, as well as on previous visits - see here.

As the temperature has struggled to get above freezing for the last couple of days, the loch was almost covered in ice.  The Whooper and Mute Swans hugged the ice-free edges, together with various ducks.

 Pink-Footed Geese
 Pink-Footed Geese
 Synchronized Swanning
 Mute Swan breaking through the ice!
 Mute Swan makes it through the ice, leaving a clear watery path behind it!
 Whooper Swans
 Heron and Robin (the new dynamic duo?!)
 White-Tailed Eagle, TurquoiseH, with a couple of crows alongside.
 White-Tailed Eagle, Turquoise H, on the ice as Pink-Footed Geese fly overhead.
 Heron and numerous ducks
 Spot the Wren!
 View over to St Serf's, late afternoon
 Whooper Swans
"That's all folks"...

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