Monday, 3 September 2012

September Sightings

12 Sept: River walk: 2 Dippers, 1 Osprey flew overhead and soared.

11 Sept: 
Loch Leven: Mute swan and 6 cygnets, lots of Tufted Ducks on loch, several Gadwall flying.

3 Sept: 
15 Mallard, both male and female, enjoying a waterlogged field in the village!
Plenty of Blue, Coal and Great Tits revisiting the garden now I've finally replenished the fat balls!

2 Sept: 
2 Golden Eagles spotted from a glen in Perthshire, soaring far in the distance high above crags.

1 Sept: 
1 juvenile (female) White-Tailed Eagle from the recent East Scotland release, tagged GreyT. Undisclosed location.

A Grey Day - White-Tailed Eagles

The 2012 East Scotland White-Tailed Eagle youngsters have been enjoying their new-found freedom for a couple of weeks now and I wanted to see if I could spot any of them at the weekend.

Well, it was a lucky day!  One of the youngsters was on the wing, and with great ease despite the strong wind.  The eagle in question was wing tagged with grey tags on each wing, for the 2012 release year, and had the letter T in yellow on each of them - she is known as 'GreyT'.  It wasn't easy to see the tags, and it took some banking in the right direction on her part and some quick snapping of photos on my other half's part to be able to i.d. her.

Here's a couple of our photos:

In the photo above, which is uncropped, she soared right over my head and I could just about get her wings into the shot!

GreyT soared around for over 20 minutes as we watched, and didn't even get hounded by any crows.

When we were walking back I heard a buzzard, saw it and then watched as it dived at a tree.  On closer inspection through the binoculars, I saw GreyT perched in the tree. As you can see below, she is well camouflaged.

Safe travels GreyT!

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