Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Bird & Wildlife Sightings - Ongoing List

I've decided to keep an on-going list of my bird sightings when I go out for walks. I've started to take my binoculars everywhere with me and a notebook so I can make quick sketches of birds I don't know and look them up when I get home.

9 June: RSPB Loch Leven: Lapwings, Sandpiper, Tufted Ducks, Mute Swans, Swallows, Gadwall, Shelduck plus duckling, Heron.

5 June: White-Tailed Eagle x 2, male and female (yellow black spot). Redstart.

4 June: White-Tailed Eagle x 2, Isle of Mull

28 May: Ochils - 2 x Whinchats & Willow Warblers, Buzzard

25 May:
Brown hare in a field off of the village farm tracks.

20 May:
Loch Leven - Osprey with fish in talons, soared above Kinross for a while.

17 May: Village farm track - Whitethroat

16 May:
Ochil Hills: Whinchat singing on top of a tree. Goosanders on reservoir.

10 May

River Devon:
Grey wagtail
Oystercatcher - flying across field
Swallows - lots feeding over the fields by the river.
Mallards - 4 males, plus a male & female with 5 ducklings.
Mink - spotted going into the water, then back and forth to a nearby rabbit burrow and removing youngs rabbits one by one and taking back to its den.  First time I've ever seen a mink, got within a few feet of it.

9 May
Ochil Hills:

2 May
Goosander - 4 female, 1 male on Castlehill Reservoir
Willow Warbler singing in tree, plus 3 others heard nearby.

1 May
Sighting's on today's walk in the Ochil Hills:

Buzzard - sat on powerline, then soaring above the forest
Grey Heron - in flight
Wheatear - male, looked like he was collecting nesting material.
Skylark - great view of one on a power line, plus lots flying around and singing.

On the reservoir:
2 Great Crested Grebes swimming together.

15 April
Kestrel at Burnfoot windfarm
Osprey soaring over Castlehill Reservoir