Monday, 12 March 2012

My First West Coast White-Tailed Eagle!

It finally happened - I saw my first west coast White-Tailed Eagle during my holiday at Lochalsh last week! 

I had been standing in the garden watching a Golden Eagle on the hillside until it disappeared from view and as I turned and looked to the right I saw another bird.  I trained the binoculars on it straightaway and as soon as I saw it flying, I knew it was my favourite bird!  The huge wings, the wedge-shaped tailed, long neck and huge beak.  I couldn't get the full effect of it's plumage colouring as it was sillhouetted against the grey sky, but its tail was definitely a lighter colour than the body as it turned and soared in the sky.

It was high above Loch Long, before it started to glide down and disappeared from view behind a high bank we were standing next to.  I ran up the bank (not easy in slippers!), but I had lost sight of it.  It was great to finally see one of the west coast birds.

White-Tailed Eagle above Loch Long
(photos taken by my other half)

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Scotland guy said...

Congrats buddy! Not all people can see that White-Tailed Eagle.

Wren said...

Very nice!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Karen, thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. Great to hear about your first west coast bird, excellent stuff. I didn't realise my photo made it into the magazine.