Tuesday, 10 January 2012

White-Tailed Sea Eagle, Loch Leven

On Saturday I went back to Loch Leven to see if I could see one of the East Scotland Sea Eagles currently resident on St. Serf's Island.

We had a nice view over to the island, but I couldn't see either of the eagles on there.  A short while later, one flew into view and landed on the island.  It was quite a distance away, too far for a tag reading, so no idea if it was the male (turquoise X) or female (turquoise H).

The wind was quite strong and cold on Saturday, and as we were thinking of leaving, I watching the eagle one last time through the binoculars, saying at the same time "Come on Eagle, just give us a little flight or something..." - just as I finished my sentance, it took off!  It flew along the island for a while, before disappearing behind the reed beds on the far side. Unfortunately there were no flight photos as the camera battery died just as the eagle took off and by the time my other half had put the fully charged one it, it had landed out of sight - can't have everything!

My other half took these photos, but with it being far away, they are not that great.

Looks like the eagle is watching the crow!
White-Tailed Eagle - you can just see it's turquoise wing tag

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