Thursday, 3 November 2011

East Scotland White-Tailed Sea Eagles 1 Nov

It was a lovely day weather-wise on Tuesday, something that has been few and far between of late.  I decided to see if I could get some white-tailed sea eagle watching done.

Conditions were perfect ... but was it all too perfect? No, I was soon rewarded with the first sighting of the day. Perched in a tree was Red P, one of the eagles I had seen just a few weeks beforehand on the radio tracking afternoon.  Red P is also a bit of a celebrity, spotted pre-release on a feature about the east Scotland release project on Countryfile at the weekend... he/she didn't seem to have let fame go to his/her head!

 'Red P'

After we walked past Red P another eagle flew into the area, soaring in the sky above, getting mobbed by crows.  Beautiful views of it. Update Jan '12: looking at the various photos taken again of this particular eagle flying, I caught sight of a wing tag and it looks like this eagle is Red1.

Incoming eagle! 

Red P eventually took off, had a bit of a soar and then landed in a tree opposite, and then I spotted another eagle sat nearby.  I was trying hard to identify this one, but the red tag was blowing in the wind so I could only see the reverse and when it went the correct side, it was too quick for me to see.  It looked like a 1 or a T but not sure. (Seeing as the eagle above seems to now be Red1, the one below might have been H or T).

Spot the eagle! Red tag visible.

That particular eagle took off a while later and circled above us for a while, again the crows mobbed.

The formation of sea eagle and two crows reminded me of the Battle of Britain memorial flight of the lancaster bomber flanked by a spitfire and hurricane! I'm sure at times the crows were actually trying to land on the eagles' wings.

Red P took to the sky again as well, the crows took chase. 

The three eagles gave us some fantastic views, it was a perfect afternoon! 

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