Thursday, 14 July 2011

A Summer Morning at Loch Leven, Perth & Kinross

Had a nice walk at nearby Loch Leven this morning. The temperature was a lovely 20 degrees C.

The loch was calm and amongst my sightings were black headed gulls, heron, tufted duck, swallows, mute swans.

Sedge Warbler
(many thanks Theresa for helping me identify it!)

Tufted ducks & mute swan on the Loch


theresa dockery said...

The noisy bird in the reeds looks like a Sedge Warbler (check out the sound clips on the RSPB website).
Well done getting a photo of one, they can be very secretive at times!

Karen the Artist said...

Thank you, that's it! Sounds just like it. I did listen to a few sound clips the other day, but not that particular one. I can rename the photo now :-)