Friday, 27 May 2011

Little Feathered Cuties!

Meet my young house sparrows! Recently fledged, they are now hanging around the feeder a lot.

The one on the right was chasing the adults, shuddering his wings, beak fully open still demanding a feed ... they just ignored him!

Here's a couple of photos of young Greylags and Mallard I took at Kinghorn Loch, near Burntisland, on an extremely windy day last Sunday.


Frank said...

Nice to see so much new life around to keep us amused. Loved the shots of the Bluebells. It has definitely been a good year for the spring blooms but I'm not sure how the garden will fare down here without a lot more rain.

Ron Bury said...

I enjoy reading this blog and was wondering if you could put up a followers link so that I could follow in Blogger.

Karen the Artist said...

Thanks for your message Ron - glad you enjoy my blog, I must get around to updating it! Thanks for your suggestion, I've added a Followers link to the right handside.