Friday, 7 January 2011

Camas Daraich, Point of Sleat

Day One, Walk Two, Skye 21 November 2010

Camas Daraich - a beach of white sand, turquoise water and stunning views to Ardnamurchan and Arisaig on the mainland. It is also my Labrador's favourite beach, he never wants to leave!

The weather was perfect, a lovely sunny November afternoon, the beach to ourselves for the most part, with just a couple of people also visiting. The water looked very inviting, clear and still, shame it was so cold!

I sat for a while with my binoculars scanning the water. There were plenty of cormorants and then I spotted the first of two otters. Both were swimming and diving. They were quite a way off shore and I wouldn't have seen them without the binoculars.

A seal popped its head up close by. I wonder if it was the same one who came to say hello last time we were there?!

Before the paw prints covered the sand!
One lucky dog!
Seal pops up to have a look
Spot the otter - can see it's head and back near the centre of image
Bye bye beach...

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