Thursday, 29 April 2010

Spring Lambs

The last few weeks have seen the lambs appear in the fields where I live. I took these photos a couple of weeks ago of the lambs in a field near the house, they were only a few days old.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Swallows Have Returned

I have just been in the garden and heard not only the buzzards soaring overhead, but the first swallows have returned!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Magnificent Torridon

Some photos I took driving through the Torridon area on 27 March 2009 enroute to our holiday in Lochalsh. Temperatures were held around freezing when I took these, with fresh snow on the peaks. Just four days later, the snow had more-or-less gone and it peaked at 20 degrees in nearby Gairloch!


Beinn Damh (I think)

Close-up of Tom na Gruagaich, by Beinn Alligin

Looking across Upper Loch Torridon to Beinn Alligin hills

Road through beautiful Glen Torridon

How Many Robins?!

A photo of my friendly robin (foreground), with a couple of visitors - one is far left just below greenery perched on a stone, and the other far right perched by the fence. I've never seen three Robins in the garden at one time before.

As I wasn't sure which one was my Robin, I went out with more bird food and the other two flew away and mine stayed waiting for his fill !

Photos of Birds Spotted

Photos taken of Buzzards circling above my house recently. There was five in the group in total, although I didn't manage to get them all into a photo.

The Blackbird is a regular feeder, and is getting almost as tame as my Robin. He will usually come and perch on the fence as I put out the food.

The Wren has been busy in the garden too, I regularly spot it.