Thursday, 4 February 2010

Greenhill Forest, Ochil Hills

On Sunday I did one of the waymarked walks in Greenhill Forest, along the Dunning road in the Ochil Hills.

There are a few different walks marked on the board at the start of the track. We attempted the 'blue' route which is a couple of miles; my dog decided that's the one he wanted to follow!

The walk was pleasant, the only downside being after descending a steep slope towards the end we found fallen trees blocking the way to a wooden bridge over the burn. We had to walk through the pine trees, trying to make sure branches didn't stick into us!

Apart from that, it was a nice walk on a lovely winter's day.

Possibly an old curling pond

Into the darkness! (photo was taken with the flash on)

The photo doesn't quite show how steep it was walking down this part, but the tree angle may give you an idea!

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