Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Ben Nevis Attempt

Before I write any further I will say that I have yet to make it up to the summit of Ben Nevis!

These photos were taken in March 2003, during a holiday in Fort William before we moved to Scotland. We attempted to hike up Ben Nevis, which was also our first ever hill walk. We didn't have any of the fancy hillwalking gear we have now, although we were prepared for the mountain weather. We probably set our sights a bit high - well, I did, I'm sure my other half would've got up to the top without me! The furthest we got was the 'halfway lochan', Loch Meall an t-Suidhe.

I would like to get to the top of the Ben one day, but it lacks the appeal of most hills by the sheer number of people who hike up it. I prefer to meet just a handful of walkers when out in the wilderness (if any), but on the Ben we passed and got overtaken by a lot of folk. It was quite amusing having a group of Americans approach us while we were sitting by a cairn at the Lochan asking if we wanted them to take our picture. I was trying to take one of us together when they walked passed - the last time I got asked that I was in California, you don't expect it halfway up a Scottish mountain!

View down to Glen Nevis

At the lochan, not great visibility

Admitting defeat, I drag my other half back down!

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