Friday, 22 January 2010

The Storr & Old Man of Storr

During my week on Skye in November 2009, I visited the Old Man of Storr for the third time.

On my first visit, the 50m high pinnacle of the Old Man had just been visible in the mist, unlike the cliffs of the Storr which remained obscured. The second time it was bitterly cold, with snow upon the Storr and snow flurries circling.

This visit, however, proved the best yet - the morning sunlight upon the cliff face, blue sky and clear views of the distant hills, including the Cuillins and on the mainland at Torridon.
It was also extremely quiet - with just one other couple on the walk the same time as us!

I took a break and sat on a rock near the Old Man, taking in the wonderful views, while my other half, Labrador in tow, went further up for a different view.

Here's a few photos of that glorious morning.

View to the Storr and the pinnacles across Loch Leathan

The Old Man, camouflaged against the imposing Storr

View across the water to the Torridon mountains

Weather front approaches


Luna said...

The Isle of Skye is such a beautiful place, it grabbed me the first moment I viewed it's beauty, thanks for the post, the pictures awesome :)

Anonymous said...

what are amazing placess.Thank for sharing