Saturday, 30 January 2010

Nature's Snow Sculptures

I came across these interesting snow shapes on my walk in the Ochil Hills today. Nature's snow sculptures created by thaw followed by freezing conditions. They were solid ice and felt so smooth.

Mountain Views

This morning I walked up Green Knowes in the Ochil Hills. A good day for walking, with blue sky, and excellent visibility. The only downside was the extremely cold wind once on the hill... I just about managed to stop it penetrating my ears with thick woolly hat and hood pulled up!

A buzzard circling

Ben Chonzie

Peak of Schiehallion

Distant Grampians

View to Glen Turret

The Beinn a'Ghlo hills

The Ptarmigan Ridge

Beinn Ghlas & Ben Lawers

Stuc a'Chroin & Ben Vorlich

Ben Ledi

Ben Lomond

Friday, 29 January 2010

Local Walk Today

A few photos of a walk by the village today. Lovely morning, blue sky, cold and sunny.

This pool of water in a nearby field has been there for months! Wonder if it will ever dry up.. maybe in the summer...

View to the Ochils

Friday, 22 January 2010

The Storr & Old Man of Storr

During my week on Skye in November 2009, I visited the Old Man of Storr for the third time.

On my first visit, the 50m high pinnacle of the Old Man had just been visible in the mist, unlike the cliffs of the Storr which remained obscured. The second time it was bitterly cold, with snow upon the Storr and snow flurries circling.

This visit, however, proved the best yet - the morning sunlight upon the cliff face, blue sky and clear views of the distant hills, including the Cuillins and on the mainland at Torridon.
It was also extremely quiet - with just one other couple on the walk the same time as us!

I took a break and sat on a rock near the Old Man, taking in the wonderful views, while my other half, Labrador in tow, went further up for a different view.

Here's a few photos of that glorious morning.

View to the Storr and the pinnacles across Loch Leathan

The Old Man, camouflaged against the imposing Storr

View across the water to the Torridon mountains

Weather front approaches

Monday, 11 January 2010


I was walking along one of the village farm tracks the other morning, when I saw a buzzard fly up from the ground and sit on a nearby fence post. As I got nearer, it flew up into a tree. I then heard the cries of another buzzard and looked up to see one soaring ever-closer.

Eventually, the soaring buzzard approached the tree and dived at the other buzzard, sending it from it's perch and it flew right in front of me. It then proceeded onto a group of trees further away. I've never been that close to a buzzard before, except when they fly in front of my car.

I took a couple of photos before my camera batteries ran out.

Images of Frozen Perthshire

On Saturday I had a walk in Acharn Forest by Glen Ogle and then drove on the north Loch Tay road, stopping at the Falls of Dochart at Killin and then on to Kenmore.

Acharn Forest - unfortunately, it wasn't a very clear day, so no good views of the mountains.

Falls of Dochart

Loch Tay frozen at Kenmore

Friday, 8 January 2010

Frozen Loch Leven

Well, it's been a winter wonderland in Scotland over the last three weeks and I've been out and about most days with the camera.

I took these photos a couple of days ago of Loch Leven, Kinross-shire, completely frozen over. An amazing sight.

A deer walking on the frozen loch