Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Cuillins, Skye, from Elgol

Given that I am not very good with walking close to vast drops from mountain sides, I know that the Cuillin ridge is something that I will never traverse. In fact, just looking at the sheer sides and the jagged ridge line sends my legs into a jelly-like state!

Feared and loved by so many, you cannot fail to be awestruck and amazed by the sheer scale, beauty and the wonder of nature when you look at them.

Here is a selection of photos I took of the Cuillins from Elgol when on Skye recently. All pictures were taken within an hour and a half of each other, showing just how quickly the weather can change. I was so lucky to get there with the sun shining on them and blue sky!

Shower approaches

Another shower advances, with Canna in background

The rain passes right across the loch in front of us, we stayed dry!

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