Monday, 26 October 2009

Loch Leven, Kinross

This morning I took an early morning walk by Loch Leven to see what bird life I could spot.

I spotted a group of swans flying over the loch, soon followed by a crow bursting out of the trees next to us in pursuit of a bird of prey. I shouldn't have bothered trying to get a photo, they were moving too fast, and should've watched them instead!

One of many gates to Kinross House

Large groups of geese flew overhead on a number of occasions and there was a large group also by the loch side. They took off at one point, and the sky filled with honking sounds.

There were numerous pheasants around. I walked over to one of the hides, and the path was blocked by three of them. I turned around and left them in peace.

The sun really brought out the autumnal colours on the trees. By the golf course the bright green of the fairways constrasted with the bordering autumn glow.

There were a great many pheasants in the grassland next to the path, up from the geese who were still at the loch shore.

Pheasants landing

A grey heron made a close fly-past, the large wingspan making it unmissable.

Heron approaches

A swan fly-past

There were many ducks bobbing along on the loch and I wish I had taken my binoculars for a closer view. As I had my camera to try and operate while I was also holding my dog's lead and trying to stop him pulling me just as I take the photos (I didn't have the heart to leave him at home on such a glorious morning!), I was running out of hands. I'll have to go back another morning with the bins and get a closer look at the birdlife on the loch.

View across the loch to the Ochil Hills

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