Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Photos of Plockton

I was watching a programme on BBC Alba last night and they visited Plockton (Am Ploc - I love the Gaelic names). It's a lovely village and probably most famous for it's palm trees, rather than the midges!

We did a couple of walks: along the shoreline that goes to Duncraig Castle and another up behind the village. Also walked up Carn a Bhealaich Mhoir, which is the hill overlooking the village with the mast on top, on a glorious day at the beginning of April. We drove down to the village afterwards to find a funeral taking place, and there was no parking to be had anywhere and traffic chaos... but I still managed to dart out of the car and take a few snaps.

Just before I first visited Plockton a year ago, I read that the tv series Hamish MacBeth was filmed there. I had seen a couple of episodes when it was first screened in the mid-90s but couldn't recall any of the locations once I was there. So I started to watch it on one of the cable channels when I returned - suddenly I recognised so many now familiar places! So when I returned to Plockton in March/April this year, it was like walking into Lochdubh (Plockton's fictional name in the series). Instead of Wee Jock, I had Big Corbie with me!

Here's some of my photos I've taken of this lovely wee Highland village.

Muggy and overcast on this day:
That boat has seen better days!

Duncraig Castle

Glorious sunshine just four days later:
View down to Plockton from Carn a Bhealaich Mhoir

Probably the UK's most scenic, and underpromoted, railway - the Inverness-Kyle line


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