Friday, 11 September 2009

Memories: Ben Vrackie Sept 03

I've decided to go through my thousands of photographs I've taken over the last six years of living in Scotland and post the memorable walks and photos on my blog here. It's mainly a personal record of things I've seen and done. This way I get to revisit some of those walks I may have forgotten and enjoy the wonderful landscapes, nature and wildlife I've seen all over again!

Ben Vrackie - September 2003

We spent a weekend with my other half's parents in Blairgowrie, while our house was still selling down south. A very stressful time, we found any excuse to get away from it all, even if it meant driving 500 miles on a Friday night and back again on a Monday morning.

On one such weekend, we decided to hike up Ben Vrackie, near Pitlochry. Ben Vrackie, meaning 'speckled hill', is 841 metres (2759 feet) in height. This would be the first summit I had ever done, and my first Corbett. These were the days before we got our lovely Labrador, Corbie (named after the Corbetts) - I can't imagine hiking a hill without him now.

Also the days when I still had my first ever digital camera - a non-zoom 1.3M pixel, bless!

Approaching the small lochan, Loch a' Choire, at the foot of Ben Vrackie

The view down to Pitlochry

View to Schiehallion and Loch Tummel

The Beinn a'Ghlo hills behind

A sheep on the summit that was harrassing me for food! I got this one published on BBC's Scotland photo site at the time.

My other half pondering life in the hills!

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