Monday, 8 June 2009

June Sightings So Far

On 1st June I hiked up the mountain Ben Chonzie in Perthshire.

I heard a cuckoo at the start of the walk, as we headed slowly up the track. It was 18 degrees C at 8.30am and by the time we returned to the car four hours later, it had reached 25 degrees C. It was definitely the warmest summit I have been on.

Spotted several mountain hares, the majority of their white winter coats now gone for the summer. There were three sitting among the rocks near the plateau sunning themselves, with views to the Ben Lawers munros behind.

This hare ran close past us and my Labrador didn't put it off! Thankfully Labrador was on his lead! Speaking of on lead... there were signs asking for dogs to be kept on lead due to nesting wild birds, but amazing the number of dogs you see wandering about off the tracks off their leads...

Soaring above the summit was a red kite, a fantastic sight.

Saturday evening I found a frog on the patio so place him promptly out of the dogs' way before my parents westie and my labrador decided that it would make either a great toy, or a snack! Found it in the morning in Corbie's (my dog) paddling pool, so added a couple of rocks to the pool and it sheltered under there for a while. Later I saw it trying to get out, so I gave it a helping hand and placed it safely in a nice quiet area of the garden.