Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Red Deer Sightings - Morrone Hill, Braemar

On Saturday 24 January I went to Braemar to walk up the hill Morrone. It was a clear winter's day, with snow on the ground and ice everywhere.

On the way to Braemar, driving through Glenshee, I spotted a line of red deer making their way across a snow-white mountain. There were at least 50 deer in the herd.

On the walk I was lucky to see a large number of them again; three whilst we were descending Morrone, and a large group of stags close by as we walked through the nature reserve.

I also spotted several white-coated mountain hares.

Herd of red deer walk along mountain side


Red deer spotted on our descent from Morrone

Looking back at Morrone

Red deer stags at the nature reserve

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