Tuesday, 2 December 2008

A Stoat In My Garden!

We had some snow overnight, so the birds are frantically feeding in the garden.

My resident robin is usually found perched on the fence watching over the food and has become used to me going out and restocking supplies.

The mouse hoovers up the food that is dropped on the ground by the birds, and I often see it darting about.

I was just sat at the table eating my lunch and watching the birds, when I spotted a new visitor to my garden - a stoat! It came right up to the back door, a lovely looking thing... dark brown coat, white underneath and the distinctive black tip to its tail.

I got my batteries back into the camera, had a good shot lined up and then my dog barked at it through the glass!! It scurried back up the garden, and the photos I got were absolute rubbish. Never work with dogs...

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